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To Vote in a P&C Meeting, you must have attended at least one meeting and be a Member - make sure you can have your say!

Membership is Only $1 per Year but gives you the opportunity to vote and be a part of the P&C decisions.

Pay $1 Fee Via Flexischools - Select P&C Donation


Attend the next P&C Meeting held on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month in the School Hall and become a Member and pay the $1 Membership Fee.
Funding Request Policy & Form

To help with Budgeting and Fundraising, the P&C aims to commit up to 80% of funding at the start of the year by evaluating various requests.

Russell Lea Public School P&C Yearly Membership


Who is eligible to be a member of our P&C Association?

  • All parents, carers and guardians of students enrolled at the school are eligible to be members of the school’s P&C Association.

  • All citizens are eligible to be members of the school’s P&C Association.

  • The Principal is an ex-officio member of the P&C Association. That is, they are a member of the P&C Association by right of their position as Principal of the school.

  • Members of the school staff are eligible to be members of the P&C Association.

  • Employees of the P&C Association can be a member, however, they will need to be aware of potential conflict of interests when attending a meeting.

How do people become members of our P&C Association?

Parents, carers, guardians, citizens, employees and school staff must pay the membership fee to become a financial member of the P&C Association which enables them to have the right to vote or move a motion.

How much is the membership fee?

The fee is $1. You can pay at the next P&C Meeting or via Flexischools (Select the option for a donation)

I have paid my membership fee can I vote?

A new member who pays their membership at a P&C General or Annual General meeting will not be eligible to vote at that meeting due to the member register only being updated at the close of the P&C meeting. Once the member register is updated they are considered a P&C member for voting purposes at the next P&C meeting.

How long is my membership valid for?

Once membership is paid and the member register updated, the members will remain current until the close of the Annual General Meeting. The Membership year is from the rise (close) of the AGM until the rise (close) of the next AGM.  Our AGM is held each December.

 What if I pay my membership between meetings?

Any person who pays membership to the Treasurer between meetings, will only be recognised as financial at the close of the next general meeting when the member register is updated.

Must I be a financial member to be nominated for a position with the P&C Association?

A person must be a financial member to be nominated for any position for officer bearer, executive or committee member of a P&C Association.

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