P&C purpose

Our P&C is run by volunteer parents and carers, who are just like you. We work, do the laundry, shuttle the kids around to here, there and everywhere but choose to dedicate our “spare time” to helping the school. Our purpose is to support the recreation and welfare of the students at the school through:

  • raising funds to support additional school facilities & equipment
  • helping support positive communication within the school
  • enhancing the social and community spirit within the school

As our P&C constitution outlines if you have any matters for discussion about the school in terms of management, maintenance, curriculum, staffing, or have any concerns for your or any child at the school, please discuss this directly with the Russell Lea Primary School principal.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the surrounding community, i.e. roads and crossings, please contact the local Council.

Some of the Things the P&C has Raised Money for:

  • Reading Eggs and Mathletics for all students

  • ScopeIT classes

  • Subsidise cost of special trips and incursions so all students can benefit - e.g. Schools Spectacular 

  • The entire OOSH building 

  • Air conditioning for classrooms

  • Outdoor Stage


Future goals include: 

  • air conditioning for the admin block 

  • Sporting equipment

  • Play equipment 

  • Flag poles 

  • Electronic school sign 

Jacqui Manning
P&C President
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Narelle Horton
Vice President
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Narelle Horton
Vice President
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Information on the P&C President role - click here

Liz Maniscalco
Vice President
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Lindsay Springall
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Amando Buenaventura Treasurer  
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